Subitem summary in parent item for checkbox column (don't display tick until all subitems are checked off)

We have a template for subitems, sometimes 25 different subitems underneath each line in our board so we’ve added a parent subitem summary to our board as a good visual, whilst this is great, it see’s that if any value is ticked in the subitems listed below, it then adds a green tick to the parent summary box on the overall front screen. For example, if we have completed 17/25 subitems, the parent summary should not show a green tick - it makes it look like all the tasks are complete when they aren’t The parent summary should only tick once all items for that summary are ticked, not just when any box has value.

This works:

  1. Subitem Formula column that shows “1” if there is a check mark in the Check column:


  1. Subitem Numbers column with a default value of 1 [if you can set defaults, or automate this??]
  2. Summary columns on the parent item for both the Formula and Numbers subitem columns (put them at the end and/or hide/collapse them)
  3. Item Formula column that shows x if the sum total of the Formula and Numbers summary columns match, or y if they don’t match

IF({Subitems Formula}={Subitems Numbers},“:white_check_mark: {Subitems Formula} / {Subitems Numbers}”,“:x: {Subitems Formula} / {Subitems Numbers}”)

You can use any text and emojis you like. I prefer the way conditional formatting makes the cells stand out, too.

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Thank you for much for your help, this is exactly what I needed and it works so well.


I had fun figuring it out!

You can set your conditional formatting based on the tick or cross so that they’re different colours instead of all green, too.

I’ve been trying to use this formula but it seems not to be a fan of 0s, everything else works.

Also would love to add something so the formula stays blank if an item has no subitems rn it returns an error.