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We have a template for subitems, sometimes 25 different subitems underneath each line in our board so we’ve added a parent subitem summary to our board as a good visual, whilst this is great, it see’s that if any value is ticked in the subitems listed below, it then adds a green tick to the parent summary box on the overall front screen. For example, if we have completed 17/25 subitems, the parent summary should not show a green tick - it makes it look like all the tasks are complete when they aren’t The parent summary should only tick once all items for that summary are ticked, not just when any box has value.

Hey @Rachbean - We actually created a post a little while back that could be adapted to solve your issue. Have a look and see if it can help:

Tip Tuesday! Updating a Parent Status based on a Combination of subtask Statuses - Platform discussions / Special workflows & use cases - monday Community Forum

Hope this helps!

hi @Rachbean

This can be solved with the app “Rollup Subitems” using a traffic light system. The integration recipe would look like:

This will set the traffic light (status in parent) to Good when all subitems statuses are Done, Bad when less than 100% is Done but more that 20%, or Ugly when less than 20% is Done.

Does that helps?

Thank you Bas, sorry I’m new to all this so finding my feet with responses and notifications. This would help alot but we have the subitems within our board. so is the app going to be a seperate thing from our current board as we don’t want that?

So for example, we can have a number of subitems for each line within our board, they all differ depending on whats needed for the job. The screenshot is our overall parent summary on the main table, see what I mean about it showing a tick when only 12/14 or 6/9 are done, we want to get rid of the tick unless all subitems are complete?

hi @Rachbean

The app can’t do that. It can set a status column in the parent item depending on which percentage of the subitems is Done (or any other state).

Thank you, I’ve done it by using a formula :slight_smile: