Subitem status updates are unsupported in apps automations

I should not have to reorganize the scale of my workspace simply to be able to send email updates on subitem statuses. These two workarounds were suggested by customer support - “You would need to change the workflow of the board hierarchy where subitems are items, items become groups and groups become separate boards to support what I believe you want to do. Another option here is that if the email can wait until all subitem tasks are complete, you can have a two-automation process where one automations changes the status of the main item when all subitems are complete and have the main item status trigger an email.”

Upvoting this. I’m creating automation workflows on our account and notice that “status” on subitems are not supported. It will help us to have this kind of feature especially to our guests who submits tickets/campaign request to us. As a workaround, I created another board and mirror the subitem status to another board. From the another board, I created an automation workflow to notify our guests but it is time inefficient. Hope we could compressed everything into 1 board and not create another.