Subitems Mirroring not registering

Hi, I’m trying to mirror info from a parent item in one board, to a subitem in another board but it doesn’t seem to mirror any info. Is this a common issue/problem?

Thanks for your help

Hey @Brooke,

I’ve tested this on my end, and have been able to successfully mirror information from a parent item in one board, to a subitem of a secondary board - so this does sound a little strange. Just to clarify, you are able to successfully connect the item (in the subitems), however it is the mirror column causing you grief? Is the data in the parent item native, or being mirrored from another board?

I look forward to hearing back.


Hi Brooke,
Nir from VLOOKUP app. Would you be able to share screenshots or loom video of what you are trying to achieve?

Hi @Brooke

I’d echo what @Nir-Jetpack has said - it would be really useful if you could share with us a screenshot or short recording of what you’re experiencing so we have some more context :pray: