Subitems upgrades

Subitems are great but deserves improvements


hi @Nat_MDC

Welcome to the community! Let me try to answer your questions one by one.

  • what is your definition of a “timelog”, subitems can hold a “time tracker” and “creation log” columns, wondering what you are missing here
  • correct, you can’t simultaneously select multiple subitems from different parent items. I think it would make things like “convert to item” extremely difficult to understand
  • this is not specific to subitems. The column you are looking at is actually a mirror column and mirror columns don’t have te option of displaying a column summary in the footer
  • as far as I understand you want the “next deadline date” presented in your parent item. The issue here is the definition of “next”. Is it the order of the subitems? You need to think of a method to define the roder of subitems, without such an order (e.g. dependency) it is not possible to display “the next thing”
  • I don’t see the bug. The timeline in the parent shows the earliest start until the latest end dates from your subitems

Hi and thanks for your answer

This but for subitem. the goal is to have an inventory of the hours declared by each user per day and per project

I understand, however it’s a bit of a shame because it could facilitate the flow of initializing a project from a template. it is a repetitive action and with little added value. it is already possible to select several elements within different groups, so it would be logical to be able to select several subitems within different items

Of course… but we find that a bit of a shame :wink:

Completed subitems should be considered as such. Moreover, they are crossed out in the list of subitems, proof that they are no longer important and should not go up to the elements

It is the visual indicator (the color) of the timeline on the element side that is the concern. When all subitems timelines are finalized/green, the parent/mirror/element remains unfinished/yellow.
It is also a bug that does not occur when there is only one subitem, where the mirror goes there well in completed / green.
see screenshot below

The final goal is to have a synthetic vision of the subitems on the parent elements. By favoring subitems not completed / to be done

Many many thanks

hi @basdebruin
did you see my answer ?

I would say that some of your points are support cases ( I don’t have answers for you.