Subitems - what am I doing wrong?

Hello everyone! I have a question about subitems.

  1. When I add an Item, I notice that I can add subitems easily by clicking the icon in the Subitems column.

  2. I also noticed that I can add subitems if I click “update the conversation” and add them manually.

  3. However, when I do #2, these subitems don’t show up on my main board.

Here is a video clip of what I’m trying to do

What am I doing wrong?

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hi @merubin75

Welcome to the community. You are not doing anything wrong :slight_smile: except that entering a task list in an update is something totally different for adding subitems. The tasklist in an update is widely used as a very simple tick-off list. You will notie a small circle icon next to the subitem icon. When you finish a few tasks as done the circle will become partly green.

Subitems are most of the time used for real subtasks, with an owner, a status, a timeline and whatever column you want to add. A subitem is basically the same as an item but it “lives” under the main item.

Hope that makes sense.

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Yes, that makes sense! Thanks for the quick reply.

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