How do I automatically generate a list of tasks associated with an item?

I’m looking for a way to add a long list of items to be completed for each pulse. Here’s the use case:

We manage rental properties and when a new resident moves in, there are probably 50-60 small tasks that need to be done by 3 different team members. I have a move in board set up with different groups broken out by the stage of the move-in and the team member that’s responsible.

The issue is that in one item, like “enter tenant into software”, there could be 8-9 individual steps (enter name, upload lease, record payment, etc.). I don’t want them each to have a column, because the board will be huge, and those steps only apply to that item, and none of the rest.

I found out that sub-items were great for this because they accomplished exactly what I wanted- Keep the board clean, not too many columns, and they can all be assigned to a specific team member. It’s also nice that I can have a few columns for each sub-item. I use them to attach documents and links specific to that one task. The only issue is that sub-items can’t be duplicated, so every new move-in, I have to create 50-60 new sub-items.

Am I doing something wrong? Any advise?

Until recently, we had “master” items that we would duplicate & rename which inhabited all applicable subitems:

However, now that subitem creation is compatible with automations, we utilize that feature instead.

So if I set up an automation, it will duplicate sub-items, but I do it manually it won’t?

I am able to duplicate an item and it includes the subitems.

For the automation, here is a custom one that includes three sub-items:

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