Subtask priority change automation

I’m looking to have an automation on a subitem where the priority will changes biased on how many days from the deadline. Example, if the deadline is more than 14 days out the priority is ‘Low’, if the deadline is less than 14 days the priority should be ‘Medium’ and deadlines that have passed should be ‘High’.

I have created the automation (I though correctly) but it is not working when I try and test it. Below is a screenshot of the automation

Below is a screenshot of the priority not changed when the date is past due.

What am I missing or doing incorrectly?! Thanks for your help!

Hey drosen!

Hm, is this still happening? Your automation does seem correct! Do you know if it the date actually past, or did you just set the date the date manually in the past? The automation will only fire if it crosses that condition in real time.

If it’s still not working, I recommend sending a ticket to!