Subtract hours from appointment time to generate reminders

I am trying to set up automated reminders to be sent to my client & the assigned person via SMS & Email 1hr prior to a scheduled appointment.

At the moment, appointments are booked in via my Microsoft Bookings Page, this then updates my Outlook Calander which in turn creates an item in my appointmnet tasts and sets the status. I can set Microsoft to set an email reminder but I would like Monday to send the SMS via my integration with Twilio.

I can set status changes when times arrive or then 1 day before, 1 day after etc. but can’t find any way to set automations based on hours or minutes.

I thought maybe using a formula column but again, can only find formulas based on days, weeks, months and not hours or minutes.

I don’t mind having an additional time & date column for the reminder trigger but just can’t figure out how to link this as Date & Time < 1hr or similar.

Has anyone figured this out?

Help please.

Hey @Jarv.

I am afraid it is not currently possible to trigger automations based on x amount of hours or minutes beforehand natively within the platform - I apologise for the setback here. We highly recommend you submit this as a feature request to increase votes and get this on our roadmap :pray:

Transparently, I do believe that this is something that will need third party intervention - for example using Zapier and Integromat.

Definitely interested to hear if any other community members have set up a custom solution :raised_hands:

Hi @Jarv ,
Yes, it is possible to set up automated reminders to be sent via SMS and email using Make.
To achieve your desired automation, you can use Make’s integration with Microsoft Bookings, Outlook Calendar, and Twilio.

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