Suggestions on How sales team label products for customers

Hello All,

I’m reaching out here to ask if anyone has any suggestions on how to correctly label products customers purchase through us in Accounts section of the CRM, specifically licensing.

For context, we are a MSP/ SaaS partner that sells licensing to customers for various solutions with multiple licensing options and we also sell services. Services are easier to highlight in the account section by using the label column but I’m interested to see what best way would it work to identify what licenses the customer purchases through us. Would it just be one label column with all the options or?

Hey Sven! Charlotte here for the team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

It sounds like adding another dropdown column would be helpful here and then adding all the different types of licenses as options!

This is especially useful if customers can purchase multiple licenses because you can select more than one option in the dropdown column.

What do you think about this?

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Hi Charlotte

Thanks for getting back to me on this, It seems the dropdown column is the most suitable option at this current time and will have to build with it for now