SUM based on a criteria on connected boards


I’m trying to create an budget and actuals board and connections. In one board, I have my budget divided by month and on another board I have the actuals payments that I made.

I need to create an sum collumn from the actuals to compare with budget, based on two criterias: Supplier name and month of payment. There is a way I can connect these two boards based on this?

Much tanks

Hey Julio!

It sounds like you might want to add a connect boards column and mirror column to the budget board to pull in the information from your actuals board’s numbers columns.

You can choose to only connect the items that meet the supplier name and month of payment criteria.

Then, you can add a formula column to compare/add together the mirror column values & whatever other numbers you’re looking at in the budget board.

Have you tried this? Let us know what you think! :blush: