Tagging Contacts/Leads within an Update

Is it possible to tag Contacts within an update or Task? For example:

I created a Contact or Lead (let’s call him Mike Tyson) on a board. I then have a Task associated on the same board, or on another board. I then want to create an Update, such as meeting, phone call, et al and mention Mike Tyson. Currently, we can tag only people set up in Monday, for example, our Sales team, but not Contacts/Leads we create.

Is there a way to tag Mike Tyson and have him hyperlinked so that if a person needs to ask “what’s going with Mike Tyson…I can’t remember details…” etc.?

Hey Brian!

While it isn’t possible to tag a person outside of your monday account, it does sound like perhaps utilizing the Emails & Activities feature within your Updates Section could be a helpful way to keep Mike Tyson (lol) informed on any conversations that need to involve him.

Have you already tried this? Let us know what you think! :blush:

Thank you. Yes I have the Emails feature up and running which helps. The “wouldn’t it be nice” part is if one can tag Mike Tyson across boards so that it would hyperlink back to Mike’s Contact entry.

As relationships are webs and across the board, it would be ideal if in the future this could be implemented.