CRM email tracking across different leads with one customer

Hi Monday community,

Recently my company and I have implemented a system for email tracking. We do this with the Emails & Activities app integrated with our personal Outlook email accounts.

Leads are added as seperate items into our CRM. To these leads we assign a contact person that represents our client. These contact details are stored in a different board in our CRM. However, we work with clients that have a number of seperate leads & projects assigned to them. This means that ‘lead x’, ‘lead y’ and ‘lead z’ can all have ‘person x’ assigned to them as our contact person, yet these leads are seperate unrelated projects.

We now run into the issue that when ‘person x’ sends us an email related to lead x, his email is tracked in the Emails & Actitivies app ‘lead y’ and ‘lead z’ as well, and vice versa. This gets very confusion and a mix up of information.

How can we prevent this? I am looking for a solution to track emailing activity, but specifically across different leads and projects with one client.

This is a huge issue with emails being accessed by others under the same license. Others are able to see my emails from other workspaces and when boards are private and when I don’t even enable the Emails & Activities. I have an automation that adds the emails from a column as an update. However, anyone in our institution’s account can access my email updates if they have the Emails & Activities enabled. There is no real fix for this at this time, even with so many Monday users having issues and submitting tickets.