Email tracking - is there a way to achieve this scenario?

Dear community, here’s my situation:

I’m using the Monday CRM and the Workspace for different projects.

Ideally, I’d like:

  • in the CRM contact list to be able to track email discussions with one person

  • in the CRM Deals page, track email discussions with one person, ideally a couple of persons

  • in a Workspace project, be able to track email discussions with one or more persons (projects are related to one or more CRM clients)

  • Two or three different persons use their own company email addresses to write to our customers

All this in the easiest way possible, of course :wink:

I use Gmail, another team mate off site uses Outlook.

From what I see, there are a lot of limitations at the moment. What are the solutions you’ve found / the work around that you use to make your email tracking system work within Monday?


Bump? anyone? Which system are you using?

Hi @Radnad :wave:

upstream can help. I’d be happy to jump on a call together and run through how we keep our client and project related communication managed within the CRM and supporting workspaces.

Let me know when you’re free to connect!