Task Tracker in Node js


I am looking to create a new type of column for my company. I want to use a high level board to make tasks and in the pulse name include a hashtag like #revenue. Then set up some code that recognizes the hashtag and creates a relationship with every smaller task that has that exact tag in the tags column. I want this so I can see numerically how many smaller tasks are out there related to my big task. So If my big task is make 100k in revenue and I assign work to departments they can use the tag column and mark their smaller tasks with the #revenue tag, which allows me to look at my big tag and see ok 0/11 tasks connected to this one have been completed. As they mark the smaller tasks done my bigger task will update showing a task completed like 1/11…2/11…3/11… and so on. Any idea how to start this?


Hey Ryan! Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Right now we do not have an API for creating new columns. However, we are working on a column that will summarize items on another board so stay tuned :slight_smile:

I do have a solution for you in the meantime. What are the chances you can use a tags column for the hashtags, create a filtered view on your low-level board that only shows items tagged with #revenue, and then use this filter to see the progress of this “theme”?

Here’s what the filtered view could look like:

What do you think?