Team Schedule for Projects by People

Hello Mondays!

I work as a 3D Artist within an architecture office. Every day there’s a different project, sometimes we work on it for consecutive weeks, sometimes every other day.

Currently, I use Google Sheets to visualize and allocate who will work on what throughout the week. My first column is the names of the people and the other columns are dates. Thus, I assign each project to each person for each day and have an overview of everything. However, I am looking for a platform with a more user-friendly interface from which I can easily extract more data.

I am having difficulty organizing the view in the calendar, due to not having a start and end date for each project.

I have looked at all the templates and various videos, but I haven’t found anything that meets my needs. Could you help me?

Many thanks!
Nikola Merazzi

hello SIr

We can implement the solution as per your process and workflow though google sheet to multiple data for for multiple use to integrated with the monday and do you have multiple project, you want track the data for individule project wise to automated your business process.