"Test Automation" Function

It would be very helpful to have a “Test Automation” button for time-sensitive automations.

For example, if I’m setting up an automation to notify me every week on Friday, it would be helpful to be able to test the notification (how it displays, delivers properly, etc etc) without having to wait until Friday to know that it works as intended.


Good idea! Maybe they can give us that at the same time they give us a proper automation editor?

oh yes. This would be really neat. It is so annoying to have to recreate the entire automation just to add a new trigger or a new action …

But also what Peter said. I always have to wait for timebased automations to trigger.

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Yep. I am rewriting two automations today. I’ve been putting it off for a while but it can no longer wait. Each one has more than 20 actions. What should take minutes will take hours. :confounded: