The QuickBooks<>Monday Integration is here!

Guys, after conversations with many of you and implementing tons of your direct feedback, we’re ready to launch pre-order for the QuickBooks<>Monday Integration!!!

What we heard over and over again was that you wanted invoice and customer integration functionality that helps you to save lots of time, work smarter, and maximize data quality. That is exactly what we’ve built, and we’re calling it the Automated Invoice Tracker.

We already have an awesome go-live feature set and roadmap of features planned for the product. New features will be rolling out every 6-8 weeks. To prioritize this roadmap and to add to it, we’re going to be heavily weighting direct customer feedback to make sure we’re maximizing value for our customers.

Our goal is to be the best Monday Apps Provider out there, crushing it with the Automated Invoice Tracker (QuickBooks<>Monday Integration) and everything else that we build in the future (we have lots of ideas and would love to hear yours).

The Platform Pioneers website is up, with all of these details and more. On the website, you can pre-order the Automated Invoice Tracker.

From a timeline perspective:

  • We’re launching pre-order literally right now with this post.
  • We’re launching the QuickBooks<>Monday Integration product for general release on October 11th; and
  • Most importantly: We’re opening up the product early to our first 100 users on September 6th (FYI, based on all of the inbound emails and survey responses that we’ve gotten, we expect this to fill up fast…)

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you guys, and even more importantly, we look forward to partnering with you guys (our customers and partners) to build the best product on the Monday Apps Marketplace thus far.

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Oh, and if you want to know how seriously we take everything we build, check out the Lighthouse score of our website. As context, Lighthouse is Google’s way of measuring the quality of websites, how strong website performance is, and how well websites adhere to software development best practices.

We scored pretty well versus the big guys.



Even Google…:

Platform Pioneers:

Forgive me if this is a question that has already been asked - #ImNewHere.
Will this integration also include being able to sync time-tracking?

@mrautomation Does this integration also include being able to sync time-tracking?

Hey @accountingLTM,

I’m not quite sure myself, as @mrautomation is the expert on the app their team has developed :slight_smile: I recommend using the @mention feature in the forum, as it can help the person behind the avatar see the message sooner.


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