The Start Conversation + default

The start conversation + is now a full screen window not the default popup window and happening across all my boards. I was trying to “install” the private message feature which never worked. Timing of the private message request seems to correspond to the full screen window starting.
I want to get it set back to a pop up window.

You can change the width of the item panel by dragging it on the far left of the screen. The old view that isn’t a full height panel has been deprecated a long time, so not sure how you would have still had that. If you did, its probably never coming back - as your account would have been upgraded in some fashion from an out of date version.


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Thanks! crazy that it applies to all the boards I have when adjusting the size on just one my boards.

I believe the board view itself (with the item drawer) is a single page used for all boards - when you change boards it loads the board into the background, and clicking an item tells the drawer to load that item. so where you place it, is consistent across boards because its the same page for everything.