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At Carbon Web, we are a team of Monday.com enthusiasts who have always struggled with the ability to manage our client communication, service requests, and support from within Monday.com. With Ticket Booth, our Monday.com app, we were able to bring together many powerful features that Monday.com has to offer. By doing this, our team was able to eliminate the need for a 3rd party ticketing system all together!

The first powerful feature Ticket Booth has to offer is a customizable board view called Tickets. Tickets view allows you to see Monday.com boards and pulses in a whole new way. With these highly customizable views, your Monday.com pulses will become tickets that hold all your client issues and requests. Take a look at how we viewed our ticket overview board before and after the Tickets view was installed.

Before Tickets View

After Tickets View

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Tickets view also can provide a detailed display of all client communication and requests. We accomplished this by using the powerful update component in Monday.com, along with Ticket Booth’s custom integration. Take a look!

Now, before you reply to this thread requesting custom fields for the Tickets view, we have you covered. By integrating our app with the Monday.com user settings, we were able to make the view completely customizable to just about any board!


By the time that Ticket Booth hits the Monday.com store, we will offer two powerful board automations that enable our Tickets view to receive and send client emails via an update within a ticket.

When setting up this integration we had the user in mind! We worked to remove all complexity of the integration to keep it as intuitive as possible. To add these board automations, start by entering the support email you would like your emails to be sent from. Then, simply map the column that you will use to store client emails! When using these automations, the emails will be sent from the team member that is assigned to the ticket.

At this time our application is still in the early testing phases and we would love your help! If you are interested in having early access to the application please apply here:

Additionally please provide any requests and feedback you have here: https://forms.monday.com/forms/2cfd9a917144e22866ee8132fe1dc650

We hope your teams find many ways to utilize this application. With the expanding features of Monday.com, we are anticipating this app to grow into an even more amazing tool. Future updates on pricing an additional features will be added to this thread in the near future.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get into contact with the team: contact@carbonweb.co

Hope this helps and happy ticketing!
Carbon Web Team :heart:


Hey @jackjack2202 :wave:

I am happy to see you share the app with our community! I see awesome potential in this app and I do think it will help a big portion of our users use monday.com in a more all-in-one solution type of way :slight_smile: Great job and I’m excited to see you make further improvements to the app.