Time Tracking as a calendar view so I can see who worked on what during the day

I have set up a time tracking dashboard which is quite useless as it only tells me the hours each employee has done for the day which is pointless. Is there a way to view by calendar where I can see what jobs they actually worked on and for how long as opposed to just how many hours they have worked? Clockify has this feature

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In this case, you might find The Workload Widget to be a better option for you.
This widget allows you to see how your work is being divided between your team members on a calendar view.

You can use the Time Tracking data by selecting it in the ‘Effort and Capacity’ tab in the settings:

This will allow you to see how your resources are split at a glance! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Do you think this could be an option for you?