Workload Widget- View Circles on a Calendar

The Workload widget is the most game-changing tool I use to ensure I’m not over-booking my workdays. As a solo owner-operator of a video business, mapping tasks from multiple boards (projects, sales, operations, maintenance, professional development, etc.) in one place is essential to operating from a place of reality and not “I bet I can get that done this week”. I primarily use the Day view to schedule tasks to keep each day a “blue” circle, rather than overbooked and “red”. The current widget makes it easy to drag tasks between days to balance workloads and visually see days turning into “blue” circles (aka- properly allocated).

Feature Request
Please build a calendar view into the Workload Widget such that I can see my daily “blue/red” circles graphically on a standard calendar layout (rather than needing to horizontally scroll in the Day View of the current Workload Widget). This will make it faster and easier to understand long term availability and to redistribute daily tasks visually to dates further than a week into the future. See mockup below:

Would anyone else find this additional functionality helpful? Does anyone have a different approach or workflow I should consider? Thanks!