Timeline Dashboard with several projects>Option to filter tasks for several people/or teams

Hi! We are not able to filter tasks by different people at once / or teams in case you have 2+ projects in 1 dashboard.
It is hard to follow the relevant tasks.As we have already 60+ projects per 1 department to follow. And Team Leader can’t check all tasks and timelines for his team. This dashboard will be very useful to track for team, team lead and directors all tasks team has for different projects, change statuses online, notify etc.

  1. For e.x create dashboard -timeline with 40 different projects linked
    2.Try to search tasks for 2,3 different people at once. It is not possible.
  2. What is possible to filter each separate board by people. But it is overwhelming and might cause to mistakes when you have a lot of projects like us.
    Expected result: would be great search by not limited amount of persons/or teams.


Hi Suzanne.

We have had the same problem and solved it in a slightly different way, maybe useful for you.
In our main dashboard we group al projects per team without all subitems as they tend to be a bit much.
Then we created a separate dashboard for each team. this time grouped per person instead of team to create a more in-depth overview. and here we did allow the subitems to be visible.
*in the example images the subitems are turned off…

The only thing you might need to do is give each item/project 2 people columns. one to assign the team, one for the actual person doing that task. we leave it up to the teamleaders to fill in who that will be.

Hope that helps…

Overview dashboard organised per team:

Detailled overview organised per person:

project list of one of the boards used:

Thank you for the reply! Yes, we also have separate boards per teams. But the issue is that we want to see in the dashboard all tasks including sub-items