Timeline from start and end date columns

I’ve been using Monday for a while. Timeline automations would be great!

Hi All

This app https://monday.com/marketplace/18 syncs a timeline to a start and end date where the end date can be used as due date.

I agree, we should be able to set timelines from start and stop dates, similar to how you enter a timeline via the Form View.

The app monday.com: Apps Marketplace mentioned here support both directions :slight_smile:. So, you can set a timeline by entering two dates.

Hi @basdebruin I have your app but I get a Sorry, something went wrong…’ message when I try to add the automation on my board. Do you know why this may be?

Thank you!

I am also getting an email with ’ ERROR: monday.com did not return a valid webhook. Please try again later.’

Hi Elina,

There are almost 1.000 accounts using this app. I need to know your monday accountUrl to have a look at our log files. In most cases the app sends a notifcation to you monday notification area if something is wrong. Did you receive anything there?

Hi @elina.lagoudaki

Do you have the permissions to create webhooks?

Hi! Thanks for replying so fast. Sorry I didn’t give you the URL earlier. It is https://onepeloton.monday.com/ Yes, I received notifications. Do you need any other information to be able to look into the issue?

I don’t but my colleagues from IT may be able to do that. What exactly should I ask them to do?

Hi @elina.lagoudaki

I checked the log file for your account and it indeed looking like a permissions issue. Your admin can grant you permissions in the Admin > Permissions and you need to be able to create integrations.

Hi Bas! Oh that’s amazing, thanks for finding the root cause of the issue. I’ll ask my colleagues to grant me permissions for the integrations.
Do you offer any bespoke help with automations and dashboards by any chance? I am looking for an expert to spend 1-2 days with me to create some bespoke boards and dashboards.

Hi Bas! I was made an Admin and I now get another error saying that my trial period has expired!

The trial started on the first date you (or your co-workers) used the app and that was December 10!

Let me know if you need to do more testing, and if so what exactly you want to test.

Hi Bas! I am trying to figure out how we can purchase this… I see on your website the cost is 34 EUR. I hope I’ll be able to find the solution soon!
If you could restart the trial for 2 weeks that would be great. I should be able to find a way to purchase the app until then.
Thank you

Hi Elina,

No problem, let me know what you want me to do. I can restart the trial for another 10 days or you can purchase the app from our app-store.

What´s the cost of this app and why it isn´t this ability added on Monday.com ?


hi @cvillase

All info can be found at 30|Start + End = Timeline - Excellent Team. The other question should be really asked to monday :slight_smile:

I tried the app and it is working nicely however it doesn’t seem to work in the subitems. Is there a way to apply the same feature to the subitems.

Hi Sally,

This app does not support subitems, there is a counter part app that does the same as this app but for subitems only, that app can be found here https://monday.com/marketplace/10000031