Timeline start and end on same day

hi - how is it possible to have the timeline column start and end on the same day?

The reason I need this: I have an overall Management dashboard showing Workload across many boards. Some items will be long enough to need a timeline of ‘many days’ with an effort attached. But sometimes I need also to just use the Date column and have all of that day taken into consideration in the workload. So it is like booking an item as having a timeline of starting and finishing on the same day. But I can’t actually do this!

Nor, it appears, can I tell the Workload widget to either take the timeline column, or the Date column to workout the workload. It can be set to take specifically either the timeline column or the Date column but it can’t do it automatically based on which of them has actually been used, so I am again stumped.

Any help much appreciated. So frustrating!


There shouldn’t be any problem having the timeline start and end on the same day. When setting the dates with the timeline column simply click on the date that you want twice. The first click will set the start, the second the end.

As far as the workload widget goes, you are correct. Currently you can select only 1 date (or timeline) column.


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Hey @networkfactory :wave:

As @JCorrell mentioned, you can absolutely have a timeline’s start and end date on the same day by simply double-clicking on the desired date:

As for The Workload Widget, you are required to choose only one timeline or date column per board:

If you would like to take other dates and timelines into account, you will need to either create multiple widgets or make a “master timeline” on your boards that is used to encompass the length of the entire project.

I hope this helps!


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