Timeline with Updates, Documents, and other assets per task

I’m using Monday.com to manage multiple, complex projects. My problem is that each task I create turns into multiple steps such as requests for information, form submissions, pinging someone to remind them to follow up, etc. I very much enjoy using the update tab for collecting progress notes since the time and date are automatically logged, I can attach the files I’m using or pictures of the update, etc. However, there isn’t a great way to represent a project’s progress per the updates I’m providing. In other words, the updates are the “meat” of my progress, but I have no way to visual the progression of a task through the updates in time.

I suggest adding markers to the timeline that link to the updates so that you can see that actions are being taken each day. When you hover over the marker, you can see a summary of the update. Further, if there is a document or photo, an icon on the timeline would allow you to quickly see when and where documents were generated or even quickly find something that is lost in your file gallery. (Also, it should go without saying that an update should expand the timeline of the task automatically since you’re still working on it).

I think this would be a game changer for project managers seeking to get a quick view of which tasks have been “touched” or not recently, understand the complexity of projects (i.e. how simple tasks expand into complex tasks), seeking to track common hold-ups on tasks, or simply seeking a better way to organize their files on a timeline and per task.