Timelines do not work for past dates

Hello everyone,

I have a template for a new projects and I noticed that timelines only work as they should when I set up dates that are after the current date. But I have a lot of projects that I need to migrate older projects that are dated from for example December last year and in that case timelines stop working properly. What is the logic behind it and how can I prevent it from happening?

Thank you!

Hey @VeronikaKunova,

Is it possible for you to share a visual or demonstration of what you’re experiencing? From my understanding, if you’re adjusting timelines that have passed, the timeline logic should still work accordingly. I’d also be interested to see how your dependencies are set up/the settings you’re configured, incase this is contributing to the issue :pray:

I am looking into this issue too, I have past dates of several projects and I am not able to get the timeline to show the dates. It automatically chose the next date a year in advance.
Is there a way to add old dates.

Hey Tammy,

Hm, can you please share a visual that helps demonstrate the issue here? This will allow me to set this up on my end and clarify expected behaviour :pray:

Hi@VeronikaKunova ,
The logic behind the issue you’re facing is that monday.com timelines are calculated based on the current date. This means that if you have a project that started in December of last year and is still ongoing, the timeline will not be able to accurately calculate the remaining time for each task.

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Hello Bianca,

This seems to be working today- what I have figured out I need to adjust the dates after the first input.

For example I put a timeline start date of Dec 15, 2022 and an end date of March 30, 2023 the dates flip and make the end date to be Dec 15, 2023.

I then go back and readjust the dates and then they stay with the correct dates in the past.

I understand the reasoning as most projects would be in the future but we are using older data to start our testing and projects.

It fully works for dates in the past and in the future but only the past dates I need to make a couple extra clicks.

Hope this explains this.


Tammy Ball


Thanks for getting back to me Tammy! I am glad that this seems to be working for you. If you find yourself running into this error again, can I ask that you try grab a screen-recording of it and send via this thread or a private message? I want to make sure that this isn’t a technical error on the backend that you’re experiencing :pray: