Timespan (clock) for Items

Hello everyone,
I was wondering, if there was any chance, i could find a column that allows me to set a timespan for one item. I don’t mean the Timespan that allows me that for two days (start and end day).
What I need is a definable span for one given day, where I can set the time clock.

Lets say I have an group called: 17.01.2022, Monday
Here I have two items → a and b
I want both to be set on the group date. I could do that with a Date column.
But I also want to define, that a has to be worked on between 10-12 o’clock and b has to be worked on between 14-16 o’clock. A Date column doesn’t give me this option.

Is there any way I could do that in monday?

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Hi @Samu :wave:

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I wonder if you could use The Hour Column for this?
The Hour Column allows you to assign a specific time to your item. You could have one column to specify the start time of the task and one to specify the end time.

It’s worth noting that whilst these hour columns won’t then pull through to the Calendar view (if you’re using this), you can also have two date columns and add times to them.
You can use our Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar integrations to have these tasks then populate a calendar which includes the specific hours they need to be worked on.
You can read more about this here:
Google Calendar Integration
Outlook Calendar integration

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:



Hey Dani,
thx for the answer! I dont know how I missed the Hour Column… :smile:

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