Tip of the week #5: Make sense of your board by renaming your items!

Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4 etc. These are the first things you’ll see when creating a monday.com board from scratch. Not only are they not very imaginative, but they’re not very useful either (I’m not sure letting my manager know I’m working on Item 3 this week would make much sense in our weekly synchs).

It’s because monday.com wants you to customise them, and start incorporating your own terminology into your workflows.

For example, if you’re a sales team and using your monday.com board to keep track of new leads, you can customise your items so that the rows on your boards will no longer appear as ‘Items’, they’ll instead appear as ‘Leads’.
This is a great way to embed the language you and your teams use to communicate every day into your monday.com workflows.

5. Make sense of your boards by renaming your items


Thanks for sharing!

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How do you change the name of the Item column? When I click on it, it states it cannot be changed. Thank you!

Hi Melinda! If you cannot change the column name it could be due to board permissions! Have a check with your board admin to see what type of permissions you have for the board


I am the admin and the boards are set to Main. Thanks!

Hi Melinda!

Then I would suggest submitting a ticket to monday.com support team. Sorry I wasn’t much help!

You can’t change the Item column name. You can only change the name of columns you created/added to the board.

@awright incorrect.

@melinda.miller To change the Item column you have to change the “Board Terminology” from Items to whatever you want.


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Thanks, thats good to know

Do you have any insight into the reason my character capitalisation is incorrect, and why the placeholder text cannot properly handle the “&” symbol?

Thanks for all the details on how to do this!

Monday expects a single word in the terminology, it also processes it through an “Initial caps” not “Title Caps” that reduces it to only the first letter being capitalized. It also has a “pluralizer” which makes it plural by adding an s to the end in some cases. Hence the “Idea & enhancements”.

These are fixed patterns, I wouldn’t say its broken, rather the feature was not meant to be used with multiple item terms.