Tip of the week #8: Tidy up your board by reorganising columns and groups!

When adding new columns or groups to your monday.com board, they will first appear at the far right or bottom of your board. As you continue to add more columns and groups to your board, leaving them in their automated starting place can lead to things getting a little, messy.
Luckily, it’s easy to reorganise your board’s columns and groups. Simply use the drag and drop function to move your columns and groups around the board so that they appear in whatever order works best for you! Whether that’s chronologically, in order of relevance, or priority - it’s easy to keep your board neat and tidy with this monday.com tip.
opening new topics, first please search to check if someone else has already asked the question! Make sure to use at least 2 tags that describe your topic so that others can easily find your topic and join the conversation.

8. Tidy up your board by reorganising columns and groups


Great tip Amalia!

It’s great to reorganise your boards every once in a while!

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