Tip of the week #6: Use Unlimited Subitems to level-up your task organisation!

Staying with the example we’ve used in tip of the week #5, you’ve successfully renamed your items to reflect your individual sales leads - congrats! What were formerly ‘Item 1’, ‘Item 2’ and ‘Item 3’ on your board, are now displayed as ‘John Smith’, ‘Mary Wilson’ and ‘David Johnson’.

But how are you going to reflect your follow-up activities for each lead?

Adding each task as a subitem is one option. However, does that allow you to go deep enough into the detail? Does it really provide an accurate reflection of your work? Do you find your boards becoming messier with each new subitem you add?

If you’re grappling with these questions, we recommend using Unlimited Subitems.

With Unlimited Subitems, you can break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable subitems that can easily be expanded and collapsed, allowing you to maintain your board’s tidiness while still being able to reflect your individual tasks.

So, you might have ‘John Smith’ as the parent, top-level item, ‘Follow up’ as the parent subitem, then ‘Phone call’, ‘email’, ‘coffee catch-up’ etc. broken down into individual sub-tasks using Unlimited Subitems. You can manage, track and update the status and progress for each one - it really is that simple!

6. Use Unlimited Subitems to level up your task management


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