To do list for each team member

We would like the ability to create a task within each sub item, we currently set up a job with a PO reference and then create sub items for each part of that order, but within each sub item there will be multiple tasks, eg. create visual, make amends etc. We would like the ability to be able to assign these tasks to specific people within the team.

The aim is for each team member to be able to see a list of tasks for them to complete and when they click on their task it links to the sub item.


You could have the subitems for each item be created through automations!

You could use When Item is created, create subitem and add update.

For the update you can then use this HTML code base to create a checklist for the secondary list on the subitem.

HTML code:

<ul data-checklist-id="42357411" class="checklist"><li data-checklist-task-id="132582684" class="checklist_task" dir="auto">
<li>this is a listed item</li>
<li>this is another listed item</li>