Sub-item "LISTS"

Hey, we often time use the sub-item as an automated checklist or sub-tasks
Today we use this with this automation: When item is created create a sub-item, then create a sub-item, then create a sub item, then create a sub-item… etc…
So each sub-items represent an action/task.
But the order matter and it’s becoming hard to modify long lists

One solution would be to create pre-made sub-item list, so we can modify the list instead of the whole automation
Also which would help us create multiple pre-made lists based on a specific status or group. When item move to this group create list of sub-items… etc

I hope that’s clear enough, let me know if you need more clarification


Hi Cyril

I have a similar problem to you and have been told to try the following:

Edit an item click on the add view and select sub item templates it is free then create your template/templates and you can apply a template to each task.

Hope that helps