Createing a person-specific subitem (w/same name as main item) for everyone on a team/for every member assigned?

Looking to create an automation in Integromat/Make that would be triggered when the checkbox in the “checkbox” column for an item is marked. The check would trigger the creation of subitems for every person assigned to the item (task) / for every person within a team assigned to the item (task).

Ex: item/task name: “send update email to PM”
Team assigned: Outreach Team
Outreach Team Members: John, Mary, Jake

Checkbox marked next to “send update email to PM” item

Automation creates the following SUBITEMS under main item:
John send update email to PM (John assigned)
Mary send update email to PM (Mary assigned)
Jake send update email to PM (Jake assigned)

hi @m012

Welcome to the community! This should be possible using Integromat but the challenge is always in the details and handling exceptions. We developed an app that is using the same idea to create new items on another board (no subitems) for each person / team listed in the item. You can even change the name of the item if you want. This app could be extended to use subitems. If you are interested in that, let me know. I am also curious if you want to populate other columns (like .e.g. a due date) from the item to all the created subitems.

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