When a subitem is created, and if the team = "Team 1", add someone to subitem "Owner"

Apologies if this has been posted in other threads, did a quick search but didn’t find anything.

Trying to see if anyone has a workaround on this topic. I’m trying to create an automation to tag the right set of stakeholders when the subitem is created and which team the project belongs to (there is a Teams column). Ideally, the automation would be “When a subitem is created, AND the Team is Team1, Add People to subitem Owner” but that doesn’t currently exist. The subitems are often unique to the workflow and often not created at the same time as the main project, so the “When an Item is created, create the subitem” automation wouldn’t work in this case.



I was looking for this same thing last week as well and I gave up.

Would also like a solution to this

Hey @AllenB, @lambchop11179 & @Onella

We developed an app that offers a partial solution to this case. It allows you to assign people (teams / owners) based on the name of the created subitem.

So if the name is / isn’t something, it allows to assign automatically. If there’s some consistency between item name and the team who owns it it might be useful.

Hope that helps!