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Hi, a bit of background. We are a full service marketing agency and are in the process of migrating from asana to monday. Currently we use Toggl to manage time tracking for clients projects which integrates OK with Asana.

We have setup the recipe using my Toggl API to initiate a time entry in Toggl when the timer is stopped in Monday. The connection works fine and logs the time in Toggl but it only logs it against my user? We ideally need to be able to identify who has worked on that project and for how long.

Am I missing the point of this tool?

Hey @johnsimpson,

Thanks so much for posting about this! Just curious—where in Toggl were you expecting time to be tracked against the users? One potential solution could be having each Toggl user set up this integration recipe using their own credentials: image

Would that work for you?

If you are not absolutely wedded to using Toggl, another option to track who has worked on a particular project and for how long would be to have each project be an item, and each person would be a subitem. Then you could summarize the time tracked for different people in the parent item, and make use of the filters to drill down on who tracked time where or to get more information about the projects. In this example, each subitem could be a task for the project or a person:

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