Toggle automation emails from Update section on/off

Hey there,

I have created some really great automations on my Creative Workflow board which notify Requestor when different milestones in their request have been met based on the status of the task. However, every automated email gets added to the Task Update Conversation which is creating a lot of unnecessary noise. Does anyone know if its possible to remove those automated emails from the Task Update Conversation? Thanks in advance!


Hello. We are having the same issue. Were you able to resolve this? Thank you.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure it out so I removed the automated emails altogether because they were causing way too much noise in the feed.

Thank you for the update.

Dear Community Members,

I’d like to bring up a suggestion regarding our current automation email system. Currently, every time an email is sent out via automations, it automatically generates an update without the user’s consent. I believe it would greatly benefit our users to have the option to toggle this feature on or off.

This is a straightforward request that could be easily implemented, and it would help prevent the inadvertent spamming of users who prefer not to have their inboxes filled with automation updates. Additionally, this would reduce the likelihood of users missing important updates amidst the noise of automation notifications.

While I understand that certain notifications can be turned off, it’s essential to consider that many users are not constantly engaged with our platform, especially during weekends or off-hours. Constantly bombarding them with notifications can lead to frustration.

I kindly request that our team explore the possibility of implementing this feature. Your feedback and consideration are greatly appreciated.

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it would be great to have an option of hiding the automation generated updates from an items update feed. Either a filter option for showing updates from say specific users (inc automation) or just a tick to hide the automation generated ones.
Reason for this is we use 365 email intgration to send emails on a lot of our boards, mostly for chasing when dates are due but each time they trigger that email gets added to the update feed of the item. Not an issue in itself as it gives a nice audit trail but when you need to look at human generated updates to an item, especially long standing items, they can be hundreds of automation generated entries making it really hard and time consuming to find the updates added by users.

Seems to me something others would really benefit from.



Hello everyone,

I’d like to express my support for the implementation of this necessary feature as well.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that integrating an automation which triggers an email every time the Task Update Conversation is updated WILL lead to a continuous loop. This could result in each email update causing another update in the conversation, and vice versa, creating an endless cycle. This issue would require us to deactivate the integration to stop it.