Turn off automatic update creation with Gmail integration

I have a simple automation set up that sends an outgoing message from Gmail every time a new item is created. The items come from a signup form, so the integration essentially just sends an automatic confirmation email to the person who signed up. We also use the last “question” of the form (ie, “Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?”) that feeds into the update field.

My problem is, since every outgoing confirmation email creates basically the same update on every pulse, it adds a lot of noise and makes it difficult to quickly and easily determine who actually filled out the useful field. I’d like to be able to see (easily, visually) who has filled out that last free-form question based on looking at which pulses have updates, but right now I have to look closely at which have 2 updates instead of 1. And because it takes that extra effort, I don’t always notice if a new signup has added details, and I’m missing potentially important information.

Is there a way to turn off and/or mass-delete these automatic updates about outgoing messages? It would make my job much easier and improve my performance!

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Hi @ajwhitman! I also use some integrations in Monday and i also have a board for CRM. We used to have a similar issue. Maybe a solution would be to create extra columns and “Notify when new item is created” automation. That way, when a new person signs up, the info would populate your columns such as “name” - “mail” - “message” and with the notify automation you can have a notification such as “Whitman has just sign up, his email is whitman@reallycoolperson.com and the message is - i need help.”

That might work for small numbers of signups, but it really doesn’t scale. We recently had almost a hundred signups in one weekend! I can’t handle looking at that many individual emails or notifications. What I need is a system where I can go into the board on my own time, scroll through all the many new signups all at once, and see at a glance who added notes to their form - without the noise of a hundred notifications.

Update: I worked around this problem with Zapier. Now I (blessedly) don’t get notified of every outgoing email, either in my inbox or in the item update field. (However, it does use more “Zaps” than it did Monday automation actions.)

Hey @ajwhitman :wave:

It is not possible to turn of the automatic creation of updates that contain the information of the email just sent if you are using any of our internal email integration recipes.

However, I’m glad you were able to find a workaround using Zapier!

Another possible option for anyone who would prefer not to use Zapier or would like to also Filter Their Board is to use The Long Text Column for your final question (“Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?”):

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile: