Tracking Conversations and Milestones

I have projects/tasks where I am updating ongoing conversations. An example might be a project with multiple contractors providing quotes. These conversations are contractor specific.

The project is an Item. The contractor conversations are subitems. I use labels for the key milestones - ‘quote requested’, ‘passed’, ‘quote rec’vd’, ‘awarded’ ‘completed’ ect.

I used to use the “Open item page”. I would pin to top my conversation notes. I found it tedious opening and closing these windows every time I wanted to be reminded where I was at. I could be tracking 300 projects at any given time. I wanted to see these notes at a glance.

I then started to use a ‘long text’ field. This is okay but a long text field is not really a point form field, it is more like a paragraph than an excel list.

Any ideas on good techniques or approaches to this problem?


Hey Matthew! Charlotte here! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

Just to confirm; you had previously used the Updates Section to keep track of your notes but you got tired of having to open/close the window all the time for each item?

If so, the Long Text Column and Text Column are the only things that you won’t have to “open” in order to read but I would suggest perhaps utilizing the Updates Section or monday workdocs (and you can add them in a File Column or Doc Column) for your notes.

It can be tedious to open/close the notes but if being able to format text into lists or tables is important to you, they will be the best options.

Let me know what you think!

Hi Charlotte

Thanks for the prompt reply. Your review of my situation is correct. Literally I am tracking hundreds of tasks in Monday so I really appreciate the ‘at a glance’ nature of the application.

I use the file column but not the doc column - the doc column is not really useful to me.

Perhaps it is a programming issue for, however if not, I would highly encourage a column that functions like a list. We all know how popular Excel is for this role. Long text is good but I think a list would be an added improvement. People are continuously making lists so this seems something of an oversight to me.

My dream would be a 30 row list with 3 columns max.

Warm regards

Hi Charlotte
Further to my comment about the long text column and my encouragement for Monday to consider implementing a grid based field I have attached an small example of how tracking using a grid might be effective. As you can see, the presentation is cleaner.