Tracking non-billable hours

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out a way to track non-billable hours in Monday without purchasing additional apps and I’m stuck on making this work.

I’ve tried creating one board where everyone can submit their hours but that doesn’t work, and I’ve also tried creating a board for each person, but that gets out of hand and still doesn’t work.

Here are the issues I’m running into:

  • Non-billable hours are independent of projects so having them tracked in project boards doesn’t work.
  • We have several types of nonbillable codes that needs to be tied to the hours. For example, PTO, Sick Time, Operations, Documentation.
  • Dates need to be tied to hours. For example, 8/28 has .75 hours of Documentation. 8/29 has .25 hours of Operations. 8/30 has 4 hours of PTO.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a way good way to tie hours to the date.

Has anyone come up with a solution for tracking non-billable hours?

Thank you!

Hi @cphu ,

I’m not sure if this will work for your use case, but I’ve laid out my idea below.

Board = Non Billable Hours
Group = Person
Item = Date
Sub-item = Specific code for non billable hours


Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks Kayla! I’ll play around with this and see how it goes.

So this won’t work because we’d have to manually add dates for everyone’s group. It doesn’t scale. Thanks for your suggestion anyways!

Hi @cphu ,

Would creating one group and duplicating them help reduce the work for you in this use case?

Hey @kaylak That wouldn’t work because we’d need to add more days as it’s used :thinking:

Hey @cphu - Have you tried just setting up a simple form for them to fill out with all the required options? As long as they have a monday account, the “Created By” column will show the user that filled out the form (no need to enter thier name). Then you could create a dashboard view on the board to see some reporting on the hours entered by user/date/month/etc…

Just a thought.

Hi Mark, I’ve tried that and leaning towards it. The problem with that would be that they’d need to manually choose the date each time and submit multiple forms. They would need to submit the form 5 times or more for each day of the week so that’s not ideal. They could end up spending way too much time on their time tracking.

For those scenarios we usually look to the TRS app as its more of a worksheet. The other option that we have created for clients that do not want a 3rd party app is to create a yearly worksheet in a board. Basically, each column is a day of the year and then there are filters applied to only show the current week/month etc.

Its works, but not as elegant as an app.


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I’ll try that out. Thanks for the suggestion!