Tracking Work hours excluding lunch Breaks and Break times


Im trying to figure out how I can Track work hours, some of our hours can be AM - PM, But we can Also work PM- AM within the same week. I Also need to deduct the lunch time if they had lunch during a certain time frame. Or if the Breaks are in that time frame.

Example; Employe Clocks in at 3 pm, Transfer to different cost center at 4 pm, clocks out for lunch at 7pm, clocks back in at 8pm, transfers back to original cost center at 3am and clocks out for the day at 4pm. How would I get a formula to reflect just the hours in transfer time without the lunch time.

To Make things more complicated I need to be able to decide if the lunch is during the transfer times. Sometimes it may be before, and I do not need to discount those hours. Can anyone help.

Hope this makes sense.

I tried doing it. Not possible on monday. but we can do that with make.

Hi Daniel,

If you’re willing to use a 3rd party app, it can be done with the Advanced Formula Booster. Contact me at info(at) if you’re interested and I’ll help you set it up.