Training Colleagues

I’m responsible for training the rest of our employees on Can anyone point me in the right direction for slides, videos other resources that will help me organize a well thought out and effective training session for our company?

Hi there!
Here are a few resources that can help you train your team

  1. Webinar hub | - this website has live webinars happening daily, additional tons of pre-recorded webinars on various use cases and topics. We have basic, intermediate and advanced training sessions.

  2. How to onboard your team to - this is a great onboarding template that gives you structure and content that you can use to track your team as they are going through all the resources.

  3. Youtube - has tons of videos that short and quick and others that are more in depth. We even have feature updates there as well.

  4. users sharing work insights anyone can use

  5. Customizable templates to get your team started in minutes (great place to get inspiration to get users started on building boards)

My general recommendation would be encourage your team members to attend a basic live webinar, that goes through how to navigate the platform. Then use the board to approach topics and use cases.

hope this helps!

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