Trouble Importing Excel/ Google Sheets to Monday

I am working on a client’s account and for whatever reason, cannot upload my spreadsheet data via Google Sheets or Excel. The Google Sheets error message says that the file is too small. The Excel error message says that the file is too big.

I have about 37 columns and a couple of thousand rows so I know I’m within parameters for import. Can someone please advise what the issue might be?

Hey Ashely,

Sorry to hear this - this certainly sounds a bit strange as you are within the limits.

Can you try importing the data via an incognito window? Does the same error message pop up?

Are you able to test this with a different file? :pray:

Hi Bianca, thanks for your assistance. I did just try the incognito window suggestion and did receive the same error message for the Excel upload (too big). This is a first, as I upload this type of data all the time into various accounts.

Thanks you for letting me know.

Can you confirm if you run into the same issue importing via this option (directly from the board)?

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 12.44.40 pm

I got it! There were some hidden rows in my excel sheet. I have no idea why google sheet said too small but after so many days working on this, I’ll take it. Thank you for your help as always, Bianca.

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Ah, sorry for the hassle there Ashley! Certainly happy to investigate further if you continue to run into this issue in the future. Glad to hear it’s sorted for the most part at the moment :+1: