Twilio Integration for Project Management teams

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share something that my team and I worked on together while testing out the Twilio Integration. We found that the integration could be really useful for Project Management Teams, so we created a use case based on our scenario with and the Twilio texting application to communicate with our contractors and vendors.

My team and I manage different residential construction projects for our contracting business and have to make sure that not only everything is getting done on time and efficiently. In order for things to run smoothly, we need to keep an open line of communication and transparency between our team, our general contractors and vendors without them necessarily having access to the boards.

Having to manually call someone to give them an update is tedious and hard to track - things get lost in the cracks and while employees are busy they may forget to communicate! Since employees working on building projects spend a lot of time on sit and away from their desks, Twilio allows us to send SMS updates right to the phone of our GC’s and Vendors.

Whenever the status of something changed or a part of the job was delayed, we sent out updates to the cell phones of certain people on that project in order to make sure they were aware.

We first built out a board with relevant columns for our project to make sure we could keep track of our contractors and vendors as well as their contact info and, of course, how our building projects were going through Status columns!


In order to customize our project board and keep everyone in the loop on our progression, we built our Integrations so we could start sending texts through Twilio! First, we picked out our integration from the menu and connected our Twilio account to monday. This helpful article walked us through the steps with ease.

Our main priority when managing our construction projects is keeping everyone updated on the status of our project progressions in real time. We thought there was no better way to do this than through text. So we went ahead and entered the integrations recipes to help us achieve that:

Another major part of running a construction project is making sure the team is staying within budget. Since we already have a numbers column to input the estimated cost of each project, we wanted to make sure our contractor knew right away when the budget was set so he could keep it top of mind. Therefore, we set up an integration to notify our contractor by text when the estimated cost of a specific project was updated:

As we also know, the timelines of construction projects can often change as the project progresses, and deadlines can shift. Things can be delayed due to missing materials, weather, etc. Therefore, we wanted to make sure the deadline of our projects changed automatically by 10 days whenever the status of a project was delayed. In addition, we needed to make sure our contractors and vendors were aware of the changes immediately. We set up an automation to change the deadline followed by an integration to send a text to the team when the date changed.

The Twilio integration with is a lifesaver in managing the details of construction projects and sharing those updates with the team in real time! For a team that’s always on the go and away from their desks without the time to sift through notifications, we are able to flag the most important updates immediately by text and keep the project running smoothly. It’s another awesome way to customize the platform and make it work uniquely for our team!