Unable to give guests permision to create docs in file column

Hey. We are having an issue with a sharable board on which we would like to allow guests to create docs/files in the relevant column. Please see snapshot below illustrating the permissions. Any guidance would be very apricated.

Hi there.

So on that view you’ve shared, in the column “Default account roles”, when you navigate to the Guest role, you should have options to modify the permissions.

It appears that it isn’t possible to allow guests to create monday.com’s own workdocs, but uploading files to a Files column should be no problem at all. Is that also not working?

Yes the file upload will work, but is not a good solution since we want to edit in place

I understand. I’m not sure this is possible by default in monday.com, however there may be an app or integration that will allow you to create a workdoc triggered by a status change or something similar. Good luck!

That’s a good idea if a workaround is necessary, thanks Francis!
Hope to hear from Monday team directly here as well, but that would probably be the next step if the documentation is not correct on this point.

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