Column Permissions not working

I have clients on boards and have their setting set to where they can’t see anything. I am looking to allow the to add a document to a file column. I have changed the permissions and added them to it but they still cannot upload a document. Any tips for something I am missing? I would chat with monday, but it seems the chat feature is no longer an option for me to do.

Hi @Southernbks - can you share a shot of the board permissions? Are these users added as Members, Guests, Viewers?

A little more information will help.


They are guests, but I was able to get the column permission to work sometimes, then others it doesn’t work.

Hi @Southernbks - apologies but I am not following the issue. Are you saying on some boards it works based on the permissions set and not on others?

Sorry for not being clear. Yes that is what is happening. They all have the same settings but some boards my guests aren’t able to attach files on the column and other guests are.

Hello @Southernbks !

I have been having a similar issue with one of our clients, where the column permissions do not work some of the times.

I have opened a ticket with monday support, and I suggest you do the same, as I believe this is not something that can be resolved by us.

I will let you know if I have any news!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at