Unable to scroll in openItemCard connected board pop-up and unable to close it


I am using the openItemCard in a custom app and I encounter 2 issues/improvements :

  1. In the openItemCard modal, when we click on a connected board field, a pop-up appears to update this field. Unfortunately, we are unable to exit the pop-up in order to update other fields. There is no exit icon and clicking outside the pop-up does not close it
  2. Still on the connected board field pop-up, if the screen is small, it is cut by the lower of the screen (see below screenshot). So we are unable to see the list of items or to scroll to see it.

Would it be possible to fix this?

Thank you.

Hello @gdacier,

I think this might be due to your screen size.
Decrease the zoom size in your browser by pressing the Ctrl key and scrolling down or search for how to decrease zoom size for your browser.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @kolaai,

Thank you for your response. Indeed decreasing the screen size would help solving the second problem, but I would expect the UX/UI to handle this case without forcing the user to zoom in/out.

Yes, you are right and I have run into such problems myself on small screens but until monday resolves the issue, decreasing the screen size at least helps to resolve the issue temporarily

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Hello @gdacier,

Thank you for brining this into our attention.

I will share this with the team so that it can be reviewed :slightly_smiling_face: