Unsure how to structure a staff/hr system

we currently use a HR app for our staff database. It has soem shortcomings, and means we are duplicating the data between HR, Google Drive and Monday.

I’d like to move this all to Monday and create a whole business managment system

We need to do the following things.

Staff Database holding all personal info. (currently 13 staff)
Training records including expiry dates across 20-30 different qualifications/trainings.
Vehicle fleet

In future we would like to bring in our holiday tracking, vehicles and assets

I’m unsure how to store and present all this information.

Should I have it all in one board?

Or is it better to have this in a series of boards that are linked? (Info, training, assets, fleet)

Looking for some pointers before i dive in and have to re-do


Hi There!

My recommendation would be this structure:

  1. Staff Database - have all the required informaiton here ot use in other other boards for the employees and also allows you to track the onboarding per person and profile.

  2. Training Records Tracking - this baord is dedicated to the recurring database but also who has completed it as well. This will be the source for all reminders as well as can double as a LMS if you are looking to track retention through a self grading quiz in monday.

  3. Vehicle Fleet Database - this will house all vehicle information and who is assigned to vehicles or checked them out. This way you have a self maintenance workflow as well as a asset managements system to track out of service assets.

A couple of things you will need to make this flow are:

  • MATCH automation for purposes of tracking the training as well as the vehicle check out.
  • Import or Creation of the asset and training to then develop the date driven creation of training requirements and maintenance of the vehicles.
  • Either unique identifiers for the vehicles or some type of dropdown if there are o more that 40 vehicles. This way the match automation will work.

Happy to walk through some possibilities and even partner on a build as well!

Looking forward to hearing back!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thank you! This is roughly what i have been working towards.

I’ll look at the MATCH automation.