Update with missing body

I’ve been working on an integration with the monday api and a portal we made for our clients so they can create tickets in our monday boards and track the progress on them.

We ran into an issue where whenever we create an update to an item with a body containing a base64 encoded image over 50Kb in size the body shows completely empty on monday.

Images smaller than this size show up perfectly fine. Is there something I might be doing wrong/missing?

Hi @Bas_F!

Do you mind sending me a screenshot of the code you’re using? Please make sure to white out any sensitive data and IDs.

I can then try and better understand what the issue may be. I suspect it might be related to how you’re uploading the file, rather than a bug or something.


Hello Helen,

Below is the code i’m using for the mutation.

Thank you for taking a look.

Hey @Bas_F

Thank you for getting back to us here!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, it seems like you are posting an update with just the body, but not using a mutation to actually upload a file? If so, I’m afraid this would be the expected behavior - I would recommend posting the update, returning the ID of the new update, and then using the add_file_to_update mutation in order to add the file to it.

Would you be able to give this a shot, or perhaps clarify how you are uploading files to updates, as this is not shown in your screenshot? I hope we can get to the bottom fo this together :slight_smile:


Hello Alex,

I am currently not trying to add files to updates.
The body contains a html format string which can contain images that get base64 encoded. This comes from the frontend using tiptap vuetify.

Example of update with small size image:

Example of update with large size image:

Thank you for looking into it

Hi Bas,

I’m curious to learn more about the HTML you’re sending in your selectedImage variable.

Do you mind sending over an example of one?

I’m also checking with our developers on this in case there’s an imposed limit for encoded files sent this way.


Hey Helen,

Currently selectedImage is not being used, I was using this variable for an add_file_to_update mutation, but it would be preferrable to have the images included in the body of the update itself.

With add_file_to_update i also ran into the issue that the file attached to an update wouldn’t give a preview and would download to local when selected.

An example of the content of the query that is send is:
(body contains the description variable with all of the HTML content)

Which ends up in monday as:

Was there any imposed limit according to the developers?


Hi @Bas_F!

The size limit for our files is 500 MB as stated in our support article here.

Do you mind passing the image to me so I can see if I’m able to reproduce? If it contains sensitive information feel free to email it to appsupport@monday.com.

Thank you!

Hey Helen,

The image i’m testing with mostly is this:
LinkThings logo instagram

The issue that i’m running into with the empty updates seems to be for any update that has an image over the size of 50kB in the body.

Does the 500 MB size limit go for every column type or only the files column type. Are there any limitations specifically for the body of an update?

Hi @Bas_F,

Thanks for sending this image over. I tested this out and was able to reproduce.

I’m going to reach out to our developers and confirm whether or not this behavior is expected.

With regards to your question, the 500 MB size limit applies to all files.

I will let you know as soon as I hear back!

Hi @Bas_F!

Just heard back from our developers and he let me know that this may be happening because you’re sending requests through our “regular” API endpoint https://api.monday.com/v2.

Our alternate endpoint for files is https://api.monday.com/v2/file, however this will only work for our add_file_to_update() or add_file_to_column() mutation methods, which would be a different way of uploading files to an update or column.

For examples on how this is done, I would recommend checking out the following resources:

There are also plenty of resources and threads in our community on how to do this!

Hello Helen,

Thank you for looking into everything. It is unfortunate that we won’t be able to embed images into the update body.

Do you have any information regarding the reason why the update gets created empty in this case? So we know what to avoid in the future.

Hi @Bas_F,

I can understand how you feel.

The reason this occurs is because of the file endpoint has a higher size limitation than our main API endpoint https://api.monday.com/v2 at 500MB.

In any case, I have submitted this as feedback for our team. Let me know if you have any other questions here!

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