Updates should be in descending order or am I missing something?

Hey I currently try to get some updates from a specific item, not very difficult. I thought this worked some days ago. Now when I fetch updates from a specific item, those are in the wrong order. Or did I miss a new parameter or something?
Documentation says it should be descending:

You can use updates directly at the root of your query to return all updates across an account. Alternatively, you can nest updates within another query to only return updates from a specific board or item. They will be returned in descending order from the most recently created update to the oldest, and you can retrieve up to 10,000 updates via the API.

My query: { items(ids: 6367237525) { name updates { id updated_at } } }

The response: { "data": { "items": [ { "name": "Api TestElement 2.0", "updates": [ { "id": "3038753542", "updated_at": "2024-04-01T19:18:10Z" }, { "id": "3038753685", "updated_at": "2024-04-01T19:18:13Z" }, { "id": "3038754125", "updated_at": "2024-04-01T19:18:22Z" } ] } ] }, "account_id": 543564356 }

Hello there @unknown and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

I will check this with the API team and let you know what they say!


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Hey @Matias.Monday thank you!

Is there any progress so far?

Hello again @unknown,

I am still checking but I will update you as soon as I can!


Hello again @unknown,

I was informed that a fix for this will be deployed soon :grin:

Would you be able to please check this again in two days in your Playground?

Hello @Matias.Monday,
I just checked and it looks correct now!

Thank you!

Glad to help @unknown !!

A few weeks ago, updates were fetched newest_first, after that and
until yesterday (March 11 , 2024) updates were in ascending order. Today I m getting the newest first.
Will they be in a fixed order or is it random?

Hello there @NikosGk and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

We had a temporary issue that was fixed :grin:

The order is by creation date and now that it is fixed, newest_first is what you will get!